About us 

Environmental Development Association was founded in 2009 in 18th of May. Founders of the Association are private persons, who are connected with environmental technology application in both, private and public sector and who cares about environment surrounding us. Currently there are 22 memebrs who takes active participation in Association. 

Environmental Development Association believes that its possible to create modern, convenient technology solutions which improves energy efficiency and which would be harmless to surrounding environment. Cooperating with experts from different fields, create sustainable environmental issue solvings. Also we focus our attention on educating society about environmental topics, their involvement in environmental policy creation  and decision making process.

 Environmental Development Association's aims are:

  • to develop sustainable environmental protection and development policy, as well as create sustainable interaction between environment and a human;
  • encourage public understanding about green lifestyle;
  • take participation in international projects, which concentrates on environmental protection and development. 

To reach our goals Environmental Development Association: 


  • organizes different kind of seminars and workshops connected with enegy efficiency;
  • attracts financing provided form different kind of funds to provide activities which involves environmentally friendly technology development, sustainable production and use of resources, environmental assesment managing and new environemtal solution providing; 
  • encourages all its members to offer consumers, in addition to standard solutions, the solutions that are environmentally friendly, without the increase of general costs. 

Our partners in Latvia are private companies, educational institutions and governmental institutions. Some of our partners are Ministry of Environmental Protection and Regional Development, Hydroecology center of Latvia, National botanical Garden of Latvia, Riga Technical University, Institute of Food Safety, Animal Health and Environment "BIOR".

Environmental Development Association is a member of international network Scanbalt and also take active participation in Advisory Council of the Latvian Environmental Protection Fund.