Participation in the SEED MONEY FACILITY Programme IRIS project partner meeting

Environmental Development Association participated in the first BallastRISK planning meeting in the framework of Seed Money Facility Programme project IRIS or „Improving risk assessment of invasive alien species and cost-efficiency analysis of ballast water treatment methods” at Finnish Environmental Institute SYKE on 14th April 2015 in Helsinki.

Project partners discussed further development of BallastRISK – „Managing the invasive alien species risks at the Baltic Sea: Novel tools to support the ratification of the Ballast Water Management Convention” application that was submitted within the Baltic Sea Region Programme (2014-2020)– 1st step - Concept Note. BallastRISK project aims to develop a tool for the search of most cost-effective ballast water treatment methods given the characteristics of a ship. The risk assessment tool for granting exemptions in the Baltic Sea, produced by HELCOM-OSPAR, will be improved to include those species that have not yet invaded the Baltic Sea. The current Invasive alien species (IAS) risk management practices will also be evaluated.

Next partner meeting is planned in the beginning of summer period.

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