Development, opportunities in the Fisheries Sector 2015-2020


Environmental Development Association participated in the conference "Development, opportunities of the Fisheries Sector 2015-2020", organized by LR Ministry of Agriculture, “Latvian Rural Advisory and Training Centre” Ltd. and Latvian National Fisheries Network, which took place in Adazi Cultural and Educational Centre on November 27th.

Minister of Agriculture of LR J.Dūklavs stressed the high development potential of the industry and current situation positive direction, despite the constraints and obstacles that were mainly related to the Russian export market.

Director of Fisheries Department of Ministry of Agriculture, N.Riekstiņš presented the performance data of the industry in the beginning of the new planning period. Aquaculture sector produced & sold production dynamics in the category of "other fish species" increased from 122 tons in 2013 to 179 tons in 2014, while the carp production figures in 2014 decreased by 15 tons compared with 2013. This tendency shows Latvian aquaculture sector positive development using aquaculture recirculation systems, which number nearly doubled in 2014, compared to 2013, reaching 7.5% of the overall aquaculture production methods used. This trend underlines the choice of aquaculture recirculation system and its benefits, allowing cultivation of variety of fish species that require different growing conditions and other factors, that can’t be provided by ponds for example, such as warm water temperature, fish disease risk prevention etc.

Director of the Rural Support Service (RSS), Fisheries and State Aid Department R.Vācers informed about EFF support results and good practice examples of participating SMEs. Support for fish processing activities received 55 entrepreneurs implementing 108 projects. 14 new industrial buildings were built and 26 renovated. Within the aquaculture sector 74 SMEs implemented 111 investment projects. 28 recirculation systems were installed. Aquaculture enterprises in overall received 26.12 million EUR in the past period.

Head of Fisheries Support Division of Ministry of Agriculture E.Kubliņa presented the EMFF support opportunities and Operational Programme for Fisheries Development 2014-2020 conditions. Within the Operational Programme 2014-2020 implementation are available 183.6 million EUR, of which 54% allocated to trade-related and reprocessing activities, 25% to the sustainable development of aquaculture, 23% to fisheries sustainable development, etc.

The second part of the conference focused on education and research direction, opportunities and prospects. Representatives of Latvian Maritime Academy, Latvian University of Agriculture, Fisheries Network, Institute of Food Safety, Animal Health and Environment "BIOR” presented their proposals for development. The final panel discussion was dedicated to innovation, education and research needed in-sector. A common understanding of the meaning of "innovation" was perceived, collecting various industry levels stakeholder’s feedback during the discussion.

Additional conference information as well as conference presentation materials available for download here