The SmartGardens is a cooperation project between organisations in Estonia and Latvia with the aim to enhance management of public services and resources available for the general public at National Botanical garden, Latvia and Tartu Botanical garden, Estonia.

The objectives of the Project:

  • To increase the use of new technologies in botanical gardens’ management;
  • To improve exchange of scientific information on plant collections among botanical gardens in region.
  • To develop information tools and materials for general public. 

Expected results:

  • Digitalized data and developed topographical maps reflecting location of most significant plant collections of both botanical gardens.
  • Data base with information from National Botanic garden, Latvia and Botanical Garden of the University of Tartu, Estonia, on most significant plant taxa.
  • Interactive web based maps, printed maps and wayside exhibits for visitors. 

Project partners are Latvian National Botanical Garden (lead partner), Tartu University Botanical Garden and two NGO’s – Environmental Development Association and Society of Friends of Tartu University Botanical Garden. 

More information about the project is available here