1. Latvian National Botanical Garden

Lead partner of the project is Latvian National Botanical Garden who is responsible for overall project implementation and administration, including preparation of financial reports and the narrative reports for the first level of control and the program secretariat. Beside from project management NBD will be responsible for the preparation of the information which will be entered into the data base, as well as information of 2000 species, which will be reflected in the interactive map, restore the labels of the collection.

2. Environmental Development Association

Environmental Development Association form Latvia is responsible for working with the public, educational and information materials, as well as organization of training seminars and conferences. Partner will be responsible for the botanical garden interactive map creation and publishing in the website.

3. Tartu University Botanical Garden

Tartu University Botanical Garden is responsible for the implementation of the technical solutions – the GIS system, cartographic material and database, training of project partners to use GIS in the management of botanical garden.

4. Society of friend of Tartu University Botanical Garden

Society of friend of Tartu University Botanical Garden will work in close cooperation with Tartu University Botanical Garden. They will be responsible for the educational and informational materials, as well as training seminars and conferences and the dissemination of the project experience in Estonia.