Forest is one of the most precious natural resources of Latvia and its usage has always been economically important for the country. However, forest is not only source of wood, but also complex and unique system where you can find great biodiversity and is a value itself – system, where in co-existence interact wide range of living organisms, whereas improper forest management can lead to biodiversity loss.

Forest has been associated with clean air, specific odor, feeling of freedom and atmosphere where to relax from the city noise and haste. In Latvia forest as a natural resource can be found in large areas with rich biodiversity, therefore its conservation is one of the most important tasks. 

Right now Association works on finding solutions for sustainable forest management. Our partners are Finnish Environment Institute SYKE, Latvian Forestry Research Institute Silava, Institute of Ecology of Tallin University and Faculty of Forestry in Uppsala University in Sweden




Global climate change is among the most important environmental problems nowadays. There are no single solution for this problem yet, however one thing is clear – resource usage for energy production should be sustainable and effective. 

Importance has been given to energy saving, energy efficiency improvement and alternative energy source usage to reduce potential impact on environment. Usage of such energy sources can reduce harmful emissions to environment and supports local resources.

 Currently we are cooperating with Russian non-governmental organization “Green cross” to find energy efficiency improvement solutions for Ostrov city, as well as inform society about current problems and solutions to reduce energy consumption.


Water is fundamental to all life on Earth. Territory of Latvia is rich not only with inland waters, but its also surrounded by Baltic Sea which always have had big importance both historically and nowadays – its coastline stretches 500 km along the territory of Latvia. Sea serves as an ecological environment for its inhabitants and is also special for its coastal diversity – white beach sands, dunes and bluffs that creates typical coastal scenery of the Baltic Sea.

 Currently loading of the Baltic Sea is particularly intensive – traffic, agricultural activities and dense population inevitably affect the quality of water, therefore its ecological condition needs increased attention. 

Association’s activities regarding Baltic Sea are focused on pollution reducing measure promotion and sustainable use of marine resources. 

Currently Environmental Development Association is official partner from Latvia, within the transnational cooperation project Submariner whose aim is to research new uses of marine resources and find solutions for idea development.

Furthermore, Association takes active participation in transnational cooperation project Cleanship, where solutions for adaptation to coastal infrastructure are being found to reduce the amount of ship borne pollution.


Biodiversity is a cornerstone of the existence of ecosystems. Everything is connected with everything, therefore every species has a major role to keep the balance.

Although in Latvia you can find high variety of biodiversity and human untouched ecosystems, however, still there are various kind of processes that threatens this important balance of biodiversity.

Unfortunately nowadays we are witnessing loss of biodiversity that can lead to unpredictable consequences. Our aim is to create public awareness that we can co-exist with nature only if we keep biodiversity and treat it with respect. 

Currently Association is preparing to submit Life+ project. Project is focused on conservation of biodiversity and restoration of species.

Together with National Botanical Garden of Latvia and Botanical Garden of Tartu University, Association will create solution for environmental education infrastucture improvement and will organize extensive public education campaign to inform about significance of conserving nature and about possibilities to improve situation.